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The Prophet (ﷺ) said:
“Allah has commanded me to marry only with the women of Paradise.”
Umm Salamah participated in Rizwan pledge, therefore, she deserved the Paradise.

Her real name was Hind bint Umayyah who became famous by the name Umm Salamah. She was noble by birth, intelligent, learned, wise and skillful. She was first married to ABDULLAH BIN ABDUL ASAD MAKHZUMI known as Abu Salamah. He was the son of the prophet’s paternal aunt Barrah bint Abdul Muttalib. He too belonged to the select band of people who were the first to accept Islam. He was known for his integrity, valor, generosity, tolerance and patience. He was the eleventh person to come into the fold of Islam. He was also the foster brother of the Prophet by sucking.

Your Royal Highness, we were an uncivilized people who used to worship idols, eat dead carcasses, and have drinking orgies. Internal and tribal feuds were common with us and these could go on for a hundred years…

Umm Salamah was also one of the earliest converts to Islam. Her mother was Atikah bint Amer bin Rabee’ah bin Malik bin Khazeemah. Her father Abu Ummayyah bin Abdullah bin Amr bin Makhzoom was a very wealthy man and famous throughout the Arab world for his public service and charity. People who traveled with him did not have to carry food and necessities for the journey because they were always treated as his guests, and he bore all the expenses. Umm Salamah seemed to have inherited this trait from her father. She was always amiable and kind to her neighbors. When she married the handsome and brave son of the equally wealthy family of Makhzoom, she carried a friendly demeanor of pleasant serenity into her new household. There was an atmosphere of gaiety and love in the home of the newly married couple.

But things changed radically when the couple embraced Islam. The whole family turned against them; mischievous and wicked elements like Walid bin Mughairah Makhzoomi started creating problems for them. Finally, when matters nearly at their worst, the prophet advised his staunch followers to migrate to Abyssinah where the Christian King was more tolerant of the new religion. Sixteen people set out that historic first migration of the followers of Islam – twelve men and four women.

These were the people who had that honor.

‘Uthman bin ‘Affan
Abu Huthaifah bin ‘Utbah
Abu Salamah’ Abdullah bin’ Abdul-Asad Makhzumi
‘Amir bin Rabee’ah
Zubair bin’ Awan
Mus’ab bin Umair
‘Abdul-Rahman bin ‘Auf
‘Uthman bin ‘Auf
Abu Sibrah bin Abi Raham
Hatib bin ‘Amr
Sohail bin Wahab
‘Abdullah bin Mas’ood

The following four noble ladies were also part of this migrant group.

Ruqiyyah bint Muhammad, wife of ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan
Sehlah bint Sohail, wife of Abu Huzifah bin ‘Utbah
Umm Salamah, wife of Abu Salamah
Lailah bint Abi Hashman, wife of ‘Amer bin Rabee’ah

Caravan upon reaching the shores of Abyssinah

When this caravan reached the shores of the ocean two trading vessels were waiting for departure. They got on board and set sail for Abyssinah. The next group of immigrants that left for Abyssinah consisted of eighty-three men and nineteen ladies. Ja’far bin Talib was among them.

Umm Salamah narrated that life was very peaceful in Abyssiniah, free of all religious persecution. She first gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Zainab. Then she had a son Salamah, hence her name and her husband’s name.

The ruler of Abyssinah, Najazhi, was very kind to the migrants

The next child was also a son, ‘Umar. Finally, they had another daughter who they named Durrah. So, life was very smooth, and time passed uneventfully, in peace and happiness. The ruler of Abyssinah, Najashi, was very kind to the migrants. When the leaders of the disbelievers heard this news, they were enraged and thought that the Muslims were becoming a real source of danger for them. They decided to take strong measures to stem the rising tide of Islam.


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