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Dhu al-Qadah 1441AH




Oh ye distressed soul!
Weep no more as the promise of your Lord is ever true
Delight your heart, Oh ye
Our merciful Creator said beforehand
So know that verily yours is not the first
Nor will it be the last…Never!

“Do men think We will leave them alone
With just the utterance ‘we believe’
Without being tested?”
So says your Lord!
He says you’ll be tested with fears
You’ll be tested with hunger
And surely you’ll see a reduction in your wealth
Sowers will be tested when its time to reap!

Yours will not be the first, know verily.
See not your Lord as unmerciful nor harsh
Know that He’s ever merciful and benevolent
He consoled your bereaved soul already so
grieve not

“And whoever fears Allah, He will make a way for him
A way out of all difficulties he may encounter
Grieve not and guard your duties to Him

Verily a bright day is lurking
Being that gloomy day which seem unending
Hold on tight to the rope of Allah
And you’ll never get lost!

Abdulazeez Khadijah

a student, a learner, a writer, poet, literature critic, fashion enthusiast ( a seamstress), A student of English at University of Ilorin.

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