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The Root



It all started from the roots,
From our homes,
Right in front of us,
In our rooms.

From the frequent company,
Of your boys while dressing,
To the +18 movies you watch with kids,
Even though you skipped “those” parts.
They aren’t good for their views, right?

From the appearance of dad in boxers,
To the unannounced opening of doors to the girls room,
” what are you hiding from your body?
I’m your mother, remember!

It all started in our homes,
But we were too blinded to notice,
Boys and girls sleeping next to each other,
With the stages of maturity they go through,
Attraction sets in of course!

Some Men are Animals in human flesh,
While getting attracted to a matured lady,
Do you also get attracted to a day old?

It can happen anywhere,
Even in your presence,
Just 5mins is enough,
To change their future.

We hear more often the cases of girls,
Boys get raped too!
Of course, you’ll ask how?
The same way the girls experience it.

Until we trace back our steps,
And make corrections from our homes,
Embrace the goodness in early marriage,
Then our tears would cease.

Men get attracted by what they see,
Dress Modestly, help them lower their gaze,
Nay, it doesn’t justify the rape practice,
But it saves you from the blames.

Men, control that which dangles between your tights,
Have self-control over your soul,
Restrain from falling into the traps of shaytan,
Marry gracefully and be contended.

Tie your camel well says the best of men,
Even the sahabiyat covered themselves,
They lived amidst the best of men, remember?

We live in a country full of corruption,
Yet we take the western culture as ours,
Alas, we can’t bear the pain it brings.

But perhaps if Rapist were stoned to death,
Or flogged a hundred strokes of the cane,
As legislated by the Islamic law,
Perhaps that would serve a detriment,
But alas! The Western world we adore!

Until we trace back our steps,
And follow the laws of Allah and Rasul,
While changing what is in our minds,
Then Allah will change our situations.

Jenrade Kaothar Omobolanle
Umm Anas

Jenrade Kaothar

Umm Anas, A final year student of Unilorin. A Mathematics Educationist, and an aspiring student of Knowledge. Kaothar is also a poet and a jeweler. She is zealous about impacting in people's lives with her scribbled words. Her interests are in reading and learning.

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1 Comment

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    June 4, 2020 at 5:05 pm


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