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Suicide; why not?




He: Baki, see I can’t lie to you. I feel I should commit suicide right now.
Me: (exclaims) ha!. Please try to come off it, you don’t need this… See, this is not the end of the world, there are many other things to think of, there are many other opportunities out there…
This was a discussion with a friend of mine, about two years ago. This was a person I see as ever cheerful, ever vivacious and a junior who enjoys life. To reach this stage and simply conclude as thus was really baffling. However, as Allah would have it, he eventually didn’t go on with his plan. He is doing good and well and like I say, “man is enjoying his life.”

Okay, this writeup is not here to warn against suicide. It’s a matter of choice, and this is the 21st century. Everyone must be left with their choice, isn’t it?.

So, let’s discuss suicide practically. It is all about a person’s inability to cope with the current situation. Rather than face disgrace or loss and fall or any other resulting effect, why not result in running away and leaving everything, just take a sip (or other methods of suicide) and be gone. Quite easy and fast, isn’t it?

Okay, but here are some underlying implications I would like to mention. The one who commits suicide has practically lost faith in Allah, His Creator and Sustainer. Perhaps, you might not think it like that but the one who commits suicide is a loser in the hope of Allah. He is convinced that Allah has deserted him and has intentionally left him in that condition without any valid reason and more still, He (Allah) wouldn’t help him out of it. Or how can it be explained that a person who believes in Allah truly and knows Allah is free from injustice and playfulness (his actions are not for mere plays but in reality are from unmeasured hikmah) and knows Allah will never forsake his servants; how will such think suicide is the answer to his problem?. Perhaps you didn’t know, but Allah has described the one who loses hope in His mercy as an ungrateful wrench (Suratu Yusuf;87). Shaykh-ul-Islām, Imam ibn Taymiyyah also commented and said, it is not permissible for any to lose hope in Allah.
The ones who commit suicide is a loser in the hope of Allah and His power. This is a form of disbelief, even if regarded as a lesser form. And where is the abode of the disbeliever? JAHANNAM!

Secondly and lastly, I don’t want to bore you with too many talks, to the one who wants to commit suicide all because the current situation in this worldly life is becoming exhausting, unbearable, too demanding et al; have you studied the verses regarding the after-life? From the time in the grave up until the day of Qiyamah? The torments, the trials? Or perhaps you also haven’t seen the Hadith that the one who commits suicide would have to keep on doing so in Jahannam? (if he swallows poison, he keeps on swallowing it and dying till Allah knows when in Jahannam)?. If you think this world is choking you and running off to the grave is the perfect answer, my dear, you are so very wrong. That, which you run from, is way lesser to that which you shall meet. Even the companions, the ones who dine, wine and live with the best of mankind, Prophet Muhammad shed tears at a grave. They are terrified by its horror. The grave is not essentially a lounge to relax.

The believer doesn’t yet know what will be his case until he gets there. And yet, the companions, take for instance Uthman who has been promised Jannah would cry till his beard is wet. In fact, the Prophet commanded the companions to pray for their deceased brethren. The grave is not a matter of going to sleep! The grave is not a playing ground!. So, what good deeds have you that you want to hasten the grave scenario and the questioning by the two angels. If at all, you are so good and even better than the one promised Jannah, your action of taking your own life ruins most, if not all, of your deeds. Have you also wondered how many years we would spend there before Qiyammah? The people of Nuh are still in this life of after death and are still being punished (except the little who believed), do you know how long you would also spend? Try and read up Authentic narrations on this. And then what of Qiyamah? my dear, if the stress in this worldly life is what is hastening your steps, think!. Òun tó wà lèyín èfà ju ẹjẹ lọ (the consequence is direr than the action).

We have also heard scenarios of people who belittle matters of the afterlife. People, who think, “After all, it is just to be drinking poison and dying all over again? what’s there?”. While, that, to a dysfunctional mind, may seem minute, does this kind of mind belittle hell too?. Does such mind knows the least punished person in hell is the one who wears a sandal made of fire while his brain oozes out due to the intense heat?, Does such mind knows the hell is 70 times hotter than the fire in this worldly life?, Does such mind knows Hell is so big and scary that 70,000 angels would have to carry it?

I know, oftentimes, the one who thinks of suicide might not reason like this. I write this hoping it will come in as a remainder when such thoughts want to find ways to one’s mind. It is certainly not easy, really. We pray Allah saves us from suicidal thoughts ease our affairs and grant us victory and ease in all our endeavours. Aameen.

Ibrahim Abdul Baki

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, a graduate of Better by Far University, (Unilorin). Erudite writer and best known for his problem-solving articles.

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