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al-Qasas Ramadan 1442AH Edition


In this edition, our Aqeedah features an article on the attitude of some Muslims towards the holy month of Ramadan. Why do some Muslims put sins on halt on the arrival of Ramadan and go back to them upon sighting the crescent of Shawwal? An article titled SINS ON HALT: RAMADAN AND RAMADANIYYOON expositorily discuss the probable implications of the act.

In our Muslimah zone, the Muslimaat are equipped with the needed tips and motivation for 29/30 days before the stove.


First of all, we apologize to our readers for staying too long off the grid. It was due to a situation that was beyond what we could manage but AlhamduliLlah, we’re back, stronger and better. We appreciate your continued support and prayers, JazaakumuLlaahu khayran.

However, it’s pertinent to bring to your notice that this magazine shall henceforth be published quarterly, in a bid to forestall further break and to serve better and likewise, we are using this medium to notify our esteemed readers that this magazine shall henceforth be sold at ₦150 only. This is to cater for the cost of production of same and to enhance the quality of production, In Shaa Allah. The magazine had hitherto been produced with the joint effort of different members of the editorial board, with a wide range of services rendered pro bono and zero revenues generated therefrom. Alternatively,  the thought to go commercial may be reversed if we could get a sponsor In Shaa Allah. It’s our wish that the magazine remains free but for the continued existence of the magazine, this step must be taken.


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