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Dhu al-Qadah 1441AH




On my Journey,
To bliss,
To stardom,
He is always there,
He is Al-Hafiidh, The Guardian.

On my Path,
To healing,
To Freedom,
He is before me,
He is Al-Hakam, The Judge.

On my Steps,
To success,
To triumph,
He is my hope,
He is Al-Azeez, The Mighty.

On my Journey,
To guidance,
To choose,
He always listen,
He is As-Samee’, The Hearer.

On my Path,
To repentance,
To Tawbah,
He is oft forgiving,
He is Al-Afuww, The Pardoner.

On my Trail,
To harvest,
To bounties,
To Rizq,
He is right there,
He is Ar-Razaq, The Provider.

I have left all my affairs to Him,
He knows, while I know not,
He plans, while I just dream,
His wills, will surely prevail,
Why worry over what I can’t control,
When he is Al-Malik,
The King!

Jenrade Kaothar

Umm Anas, A final year student of Unilorin. A Mathematics Educationist, and an aspiring student of Knowledge. Kaothar is also a poet and a jeweler. She is zealous about impacting in people's lives with her scribbled words. Her interests are in reading and learning.

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