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Earth! what does its centre made up of?



All praise is due to Allah, The Highest, The Most Kind. The One who bring things together and separate them of vast and abundant benefits as well as the numerous and splendid wisdom. May the peace and blessings always be upon the last prophet hailing from Quraysh, as well as his family and noble companions; possessors of noble status. Know may Allah guide you; that the best of favour is knowledge that removes doubt and sin and exposes the truth to the heart; and lead the slave to his goal.

Verily, Allah in his infinite mercy has revealed the Qur’an to his slaves so that it can be our life, the Qur’an is to be made apparent on our flesh, the Qur’an should be implemented on our blood and indeed Qur’an has been revealed to us so that we can pounder on the signs and science.

Hence, for those of our brothers and sisters that know about the earth will know that the centre of the earth is made up of iron, as it was sent down by Allah and this is proven in the Qur’an Surah number 57.

Meanwhile, at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), they do not know the technology and the means to know about what the centre of the earth is made up of, and it was not even relevant to them. But Alhamdulillah, using modern day technology, we come to find out that the centre of the earth is made up of iron.

You may be thinking that what is the miracle in this?
The Qur’an as revealed by Allah, it is incumbent upon all of us as Muslims, we should know that it has 114 chapters, so what is half of 114; definitely it is 57, so that is right in the middle (right in the center of the Qur’an). Therefore, the 57 chapter of the Qur’an; what is it called? Al-Hadid (IRON) SubhanaLlah. This is a miracle in the Qur’an that some of us didn’t know about and this just goes to show us how precise is the word of Allah (Qur’an) is in its miracles.

We beseech Allah in His infinite mercy to shower his blessings on us, and to make the Qur’an our flesh, blood, nerves, dunya and Aakhira.
Subhaanaka Allaahumma wa bihamdika, ‘ash-hadu ‘an laa ‘ilaaha ‘illaa ‘Anta, ‘astaghfiruka wa ‘atoobu ‘ilayk.

By  Soliu Mustapha Kayode 


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