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ان الله لم ينزل داءا إلاّ انزل له شفاءا علمه من علمه و جهله من جهله

Verily Allah has not sent down a disease unless He sends down with it, its cure – the one who knows it knows it while the one who is ignorant of it is ignorant of it. (Ahmad 3578)

The above hadith narrated by the eminent companion Abdullah bn Mas’ud, mentions a great benefit to the Muslim Ummah and the generality of mankind; in fact, it is an exposure wherein is the secret to solve of the human’s greatest problems- health. Worthy of note, however, is the phrase “the one who knows it knows it while the one who is ignorant of it is ignorant of it. Thus, although every disease has its cure, the ignorant one yet may not be able to benefit and cure himself. The message in this hadith is a refutal to a common concept that there are some incurable diseases or ailments. All diseases or ailments have a cure, the manner of applying the medication and technical know-how is what may cause the problem. The Prophet – may Allah’s peace and mercy be upon him- mentions in another hadith about a medication that it is a cure to all disease except death:
This black cumin is healing for all diseases except As-Sam [Death] (Al- Bukhari).
The illustrious Scholar, the student of Al-Imam Ibn Taymiyah, the scholar of Islam, Al-Imam Ibn Qayyim mentioned in his book; “Diseases and its Cure”, after having mentioned this narration and many of its kind, stated categorically the essentiality of the Quran as a form of medication Thus, it can be inferred that the cure mentioned in the hadith could be either physical or spiritual.

The Imam, however, explained further, that the verses of the Quran and other recommended adhkar may not function effectively when the personality who wishes to utilise them is not strong-willed, that is, his belief and reliance on the medication is weak. Another cogent reason mentioned by the scholar is weak effect of the medication in itself, perhaps due to the inability of the user to utilise the appropriate medicine for the appropriate ailments, as mentioned earlier in the hadith, the one who knows it knows it while the one who is ignorant of it is ignorant of it.

Furthermore, the Imam also established that medications, particularly the use of verses of the Quran and other adhkar, can be rendered ineffective due to a barrier – Sin. In the book, the Imam extensively discusses the effect of sins in the lives of a man and parts of such is the tendency to serve as a barrier to one’s prayers being answered or preventing one from attaining Allah’s favour.

The Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – also described to us a person who looks tattered and rugged, raising his hands, begging Allah vigorously “… but his feeding is from haram, his drinking is from haram, his clothing is from haram and he dwells in haram; How then will the prayer of such be answered?”. (Muslim).
It is therefore imperative for a believer to hold firm to the conviction that all forms of diseases and ailments are curable. The inability of people to know this or know how to apply it does not negate the fact that the cure is in existence. The verses of the Quran, for instance, is a cure on its own for a true believer; one who is strong-willed and stays away from sins.

Ibrahim Abdul Baki

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, a graduate of Better by Far University, (Unilorin). Erudite writer and best known for his problem-solving articles.

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