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Abu ‘Abdillah



I have read about you and all you’ve done
I have increased in admiration beyond mention
I have for you, so much respect without ever having met you
Save as Allah wills, on the Day of Gathering.

Father of Salih, father of Abdullah
Raising them to follow the noble road he himself was on
The path of the beloved, the path of the salaf
Oh how was it like to be reared under such a pious roof.

Husband of Bint Al-Fadl, husband of Raihaanah
Master of Husn who bore for him six
Imam of Hadeeth, Fiqh, Qur’aan, Ascetism, Arabic, Piety and Sunnah
As said by Ash-Shafi’i may Allah have mercy on him too.

How much pain I felt when I read about your trials, O companion of ibn Ma’een
Put through hardship for failing to say the Qur’aan was created
You went through persecution and forced isolation for more than five years
But only Allah knows in what state you are now, and who truly has the last laugh.

Imam Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Hanbal.

Mariam Adejumo


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